Use My Tools

Peer to peer tool hire for the AirBnB generation

Who runs Use My Tools?

Use My Tools is a tool sharing website and community powered by HTML, CSS and a tiny bit of JavaScript. It was developed as a build week project in the first month of the Full Stack Web Developer course by Shaun Orpen.

Is it safe to lend my tools on Use My Tools?

Use My Tools simply provides a way for people who have tools and want to lend them out to find people who want to borrow them. We do not guarantee that the borrowers are trustworthy. You should make your own decision when you receive an enquiry whether you want to lend to the person enquiring.

Does Use My Tools handle the deposit and rental charges?

No. Once you've agreed a rental you should agree how payment will be made outside the platform. We may add this functionality in the future, however.

What happens if my tools get broken by the hirer?

You keep their deposit and use it to repair your broken tool or buy a replacement. Please read the terms and conditions for futher details.

Are commercial hirers allowed to use this site?

Yes, of course. As long as you agree to our terms and conditions you can list your tools for hire regardless of whether you're a private individual or commercial hire shop. We want our users to have the widest choice of tools to hire and integrations to commercial hire shops are a big part of our future plans.

"Loads of tools to rent at the lowest prices we could find anywhere." - BBC