Hi. My name is Shaun.

I'm a Software Developer based in the United Kingdom.

In May 2020 I finished a nine-month Computer Science and Software Engineering course at Lambda School: 2,000 hours of intensive, immersive, hands-on experience focussed on Computer Science and Full Stack Web Development.

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I use React for most of my front end development, sometimes with Redux for complex state management.


I mostly use Node.js and Express to build RESTful API's for the various backend projects I work on.


I love SQL (I used it a lot in a previous life) and also enjoy using NoSQL for less structured data.


I've used HTML in every project I've worked on (except perhaps backend) since the start of the course.


I've worked with hand-coded CSS, LESS and SASS, responsive design and various UI component libraries.


I've learned both CommonJS and ES6 syntax and am comfortable working with either as needed.


In a previous life I used SourceSafe and Subversion. Git is a revelation! Why didn't I find it earlier? I love it.


All of my work is publicly available on GitHub if you'd like to check it out - link at the bottom of this page.


I used Python for the CS part of the course. It's great, but I think I'll stick with JavaScript for web.


This is a selection of projects I've worked on over the last few months.

Pure Retail

An application to enable market vendors to sell online.

LS8 Emulator

A basic CPU emulator with RAM, Registers and Stack functionality.

CoMake EU

An API for a citizen-driven issue reporting and prioritisation tool.


A mocked up tool sharing website for the AirBnB generation.


shaunorpen (at) gmail (dot) com

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